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We make sense of the agroworld through data.
We use technologies for environment. We design and develop decision-makers support system and technologies to mitigate the climate impact of the daily choices we make.
Work with your data and save planet resources.
ecoFARM case studies: wheat sustainability

In this article we introduce you the sustainability analysis inside ecoFARM. We use a real case study to navigate with you through the Carbon and Water Footprint calculations and you will explore accounting methodologies. To run this analysis no CO2 emissions were produced.

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ecoFARM case studies: vegetation index

Going deep inside field properties requires a deep knowledge of what you are looking for. ecoFARM is suitable for satellite imagery from the European Space Agency thanks to Sentinel missions. Collaborating with agroworkers, we offer seven vegetation indices for your crops.

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Biodiversity flies all around you!

Biodiversity is the heterogeneous mix of genes, species and eco-systems that occupy the Earth. We develop data driven strategies for biodiversity protection and sustainable development, with community support.

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What about social development?

Our work is dedicated to present and future SMEs in rural areas and development countries who wants to benefit of technologies designed with circular economy and environmental sustainability in mind.

Our heart is open-source!
ecoFARM sustainability module is released under a Creative Commons License and we code following international standards. Contribute if you care the planet!
ecoFARM - Field Analysis & Rapid Management.
Professional farmer toolkit to collect and visualize crop statistics, production data and environmental informations. Powered with data analytics to make accurate decisions and be sustainable in the future.
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