Field Analysis & Rapid Management.
Working together to empower sustainable agriculture.
ecoFARM is a data driven decision support system.
Environment First
ecoFARM visualize crop sustainability and water footprint following Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) approach and official guidelines for carbon accounting by the Intergovernamental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC.
Resources Efficiency
Environmental analysis in agriculture is a smart indirect cost-analysis for consumes in farming activities. Keep track of fertilizers, chemicals, fuel and water needs in your crop cycle.
Production Optimization
Our ADAN engine is a smart analytics dashboard powered by applied mathematics and statistics to give you an complete overview of your company across all parameters.
Optimize crop production, save resources and protect the environment.
ecoFARM is easy to use. The data analytics toolbox for your company, small or big, providing day-by-day information and reporting for your crop.
Certified green IT data analysis for crop monitoring.
Insights & Reporting
Day-by-day accounting and evaluations. A professional PDF reporting feature is available to easly summarize field statistics, agronomic data inputs and production indeces.
Blazing Fast
ecoFARM is powered by our ADAN engine. A full-featured data analytics platform with amazing processing speed.
Easy to Use
We choose material design to make you confortable to navigate agronomic variables, to keep track and explore more than 42 parameters with interactive graphic interfaces.
Are you a BIG industry? Let's get into BIG data!
Meet ADAN. Interactive plots, regressions, correlations, machine learning tools and many more features for your company. Designed for Enterprises.
FREE / forever
  • Environmental Sustainability module with IPCC methodology
  • Rapid access to international databases
  • Soil Properties from World Soil Information
  • Biodiversity questionnaire and score
  • Plasive community feeds and news from worldwide
  • GDPR privacy
  • Area limit: 5 ha
Available in summer 2019
--- / year
  • *** Everything in BASE package ***
  • Water Footprint according to Global Water Footprint Standard
  • Weather Statistics
  • Adobe® PDF Reporting with overall analytics
  • Bulk Download field(s) data
  • GDPR privacy
  • Area limit: 100 ha
Available in summer 2019
? / year
  • *** Everything in PRO package ***
  • Remote Sensing with custom vegetation index
  • Plasive ADAN with advanced analytics
  • GDPR privacy
  • NO Area Limit
Available in summer 2019
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