Biodiversity, where to find it.
Eating honey helps the planet.
One in every three bites you take is made possible by bees and other pollinators. Insects pollinate a third of everything we humans eat – most fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and forage for our livestock. We believe everyone can make a difference for bees and the environment, we believe you can make a difference for the planet.
Biodiversity as added value for local economies and SMEs in rural areas.
The beeNative project is born to support biodiversity-aware products, like honey. Biodiversity is the fundamental principle of Nature and agriculture. Our work let you to find, check analysis, and buy honey from local beekepers and quality brands. You can be also part of the community, meet beerkeepers, read news about biodiversity and stay informed.
Laboratory analysis to certify and verify honey origin. Be native!
Research Methodologies
Advanced instruments at disposal to beekeepers and buyers. Define orgin of prime matter.
100% Bulletproof
Full reliability and expertise by our friends at Trace Research Centre. World-wide coverage.
Support beekeepers and local development
Protect biodiversity is a huge work. Plasive Technologies and Trace Research Centre joined together to support local economies and indipendent beekeepers.
Verified origin for all kinds of honey, the Honeymap!
Check the honey map and find the sweetest spots near to you. Buy local products and support beekeeping activities.
Trace Research Centre
Scientifical answers to geographical questions.
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