Plasive community programme to spreading IT knowledge and circular economy.
IT services for everyone
We offers discounts and provide financial aid options for all new or existing companies aiming at digital transformation and green IT solutions. We also support external initiatives with environment as first interest.
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Microfinancial ready.
Our data analysis tools are suitable for starting businesses and social initiatives. With ad-hoc financial plans by our trusted partners, innovation is just around the corner. You will be supported by our Block Management, the business methodology behind Plasive.
Collaborative Economy
Plasive Technologies and partners offers collaboration to local development. We apply innovative Business Management model to evolve rural areas initiatives to be competitive in the market.
Open-source people.
Inclusive coding skills
ecoFARM is open-source, and we are too. Plasive gladly partecipates at public and not-for-profit initiatives concerning sharing coding skills and our knowledge about what we do. From real basic applications to complex problems.
Start with technologies
Our solution are easy to use, very short learning curve. We work close to SMEs that are creditworthy, with high growth potential and considerable social impact, since they form the basis of the socio-economic development chain.
Data Sharing economy
Data is a valuable thing in our century. Sharing useful environmental informations to everyone is a valuable action and these actions receives discounts and gifts from the Plasive community.
Block Management
Straightforward business model based on microfunding, crafted by Plasive founders. Find the right block and be your MBA. It's easy, but are you ready?!
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